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About ICSW


ICSW is a recognized branch of Indian Council of Social Welfare,Central Office, Bombay which is registered under the public Trust Act,1850 and Societies Act, 1860. ICSW Chandigarh Chapter Started in April 1973. It is a Voluntary, non political, secular Organization, Successfully providing help to the needy and economically weaker of the society.   




ICSW Mission



The Indian Council of Social Welfare being cognizant of rapid change being brought about by technology, growing population and economic disparities, is concerned with heightening in relevance through increased partnership with government on the hand and family and community on the other for social welfare and development.  



Latest Updates

Welcome to the Site of ICSW



·       To provide a central forum for the discussion of social welfare and related issues of social development.

·       To foster the development of social welfare through out the region.

·       To Promote the exchange of information and experience amongst social development agencies and other interested in social welfare through out the region.

·       To facilitate and promote co-operation and co-ordination among Chandigarh administration/ northern states and regional organization related to the field of social work.

·       To Promote and safe guard the status of Social work and Social workers.

·       To undertake schemes and  projects for the improvement of mother and around child health and inculcate virtues of planned family.                                                        

All Donations to ICSW are exempted from Income Tax Vide Exemption Certificate of Income Tax Act-1961 Letter No. CIT-I/Chd/TECH/80G/07-088/2988 Dated: 18.10.2009
Service Provider of Protection of Women from Domestic Voilence Vide Notification No.
SW3DVW/08/1996 Dated : 05/03.2008 by S.W.D. Chandigarh